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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 128, February II 1998, 131-138

Received April 2; accepted June 18, 1997

Photometric study of the open cluster NGC2323gif,gif

J.J. Clariá - A.E. Piatti - E. Lapasset

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Observatorio Astronómico, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Laprida 854, 5000 Córdoba, Argentina


UBV photoelectric photometry for 175 stars in the field of the southern open cluster NGC2323, supplemented by DDO photometry of 5 probable giants, is presented. The analysis of the photometric data yields 109 probable members; one of them being a red giant, and 3 possible members. The reddening across the cluster is slightly variable and the mean value E(B-V)=0.25. The apparent cluster distance modulus is 10.62, corresponding to a distance of 940 pc. The age, determined by fitting isochrones with core overshooting, turns out to be tex2html_wrap_inline1318 Myr. Other fundamental cluster parameters are also determined. NGC2323 appears not to be physically connected to the CMa OB1 association.

keywords: open clusters: individual: NGC2323 -- open clusters: general -- HR diagram

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