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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 128, Februay II 1998, 197-201

Received March 18; accepted June 18, 1997

Measured Stark widths and shifts of NII, NIII and NIV spectral lines

V. Milosavljevic and S. Djenize

Send offprint request: S. Djenize
Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, P.O. Box 368, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia


Stark parameters (widths and shifts) of eight singly, seven doubly and five triply ionized nitrogen spectral lines have been measured in linear pulsed, low pressure, arc discharge in a nitrogen plasma at a 54 000 K electron temperature and a tex2html_wrap_inline1021 m-3 electron density. The measured values have been compared to the existing experimental and calculated data.

keywords: lines: profiles-atomic data -- methods: laboratory

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