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1. Introduction

The star OT Geminorum (HR 2817, HD 58050, B2Ve, V = 6.41 in the Bright Stars Catalogue) was first reported to be variable -between photographic magnitude 6.3 and 6.0- by Hoffmeister (1934). Very little and scarce photoelectric photometry has been carried upon the star, and it concluded to the star constancy (in January 1982, Bozic et al. 1982), or only to the existence of night to night variations (from January to March 1982, Poretti 1982). Thus the hours time scale variations claimed by Figer (1981a) were not confirmed. Two long time scale sets of observations are available in the literature: a photographic monitoring carried out between 1960 and 1980 at Sonneberg Observatory (Berthold 1983), and the visual observations obtained by the GEOS (Groupe Européen d'Observation Stellaire) during 1977 - 1980 and reported by Figer (1981b). Since that time, OT Gem has been followed by the GEOS as a part of a Be stars campaign, and professionals were alerted when they visually detected and confirmed the new light increase at JD 2449980-2450010 (i.e. in october 1995).

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