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Up: The Effelsberg 21 cm

1. Introduction

Reich et al. (1990a, Paper I) have presented the Effelsberg 21 cm radio continuum survey of the Galactic plane for longitudes between l = 357tex2html_wrap1170 and l = 95tex2html_wrap1168 5 and latitudes tex2html_wrap_inline1190. Here we complement these maps for the Galactic plane region towards the anticentre direction up to l = 240tex2html_wrap1170. The latitude extent is slightly enlarged for some regions to b = +5tex2html_wrap1170. The area from tex2html_wrap_inline1196, tex2html_wrap_inline1190 has been previously surveyed for continuum radiation at 21 cm wavelength with the 100-m telescope by Kallas & Reich (1980). This survey, which is based on observations carried out between 1974 and 1978, is of significantly lower sensitivity if compared with the 21 cm radio continuum maps presented in Paper I and therefore has been reobserved to get maps of equal sensitivity along the entire Galactic plane.

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