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6. Conclusions

We have presented tex2html_wrap_inline1191 CCD photometry of a 0.06 square degree near the nominal core of the open cluster, IC 2391. This data has been used to prepare (V,B-V) and (R,R-I) colour-magnitude diagrams. Superimposing theoretical isochrones appropriate to the age of IC 2391, we have identified 17 stars as candidate cluster members possessing colours and magnitudes corresponding to spectral types tex2html_wrap_inline1599. We have compared this number to the number of Pleiads that would be expected to be found in the same area of sky and deduce that, if the luminosity function and space distribution is similar to that of IC 2391, the contamination of our photometric candidate membership list by background objects should be small.


Research at Armagh Observatory is funded by a grant-in-aid from DENI. We would like to thank the staff of the South African Astronomical Observatory and Mr. Luis Sarro for their assistance in obtaining the observational data. Data reduction was performed on the PPARC funded Northern Ireland STARLINK node. WRJR acknowledges financial assistance from the PPARC, grant number GR/J25352.

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