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2. IC 2391

IC 2391 is a young, nearby open cluster approximately centered on the bright star o Velorum (tex2html_wrap_inline1219=tex2html_wrap_inline1247, tex2html_wrap_inline1249=tex2html_wrap_inline1251, J2000). Hogg (1960) and Lynga (1961) have obtained proper motions and photometry for the brighter members of this cluster, while spectroscopic data for these brighter members (tex2html_wrap_inline1253) were presented by Feinstein (1961), Buscombe (1965), Perry & Bond (1969), Levato & Malaroda (1984) and Levato et al. (1988). These observations have shown that the cluster upper main-sequence contains approximately 22 members with spectral types earlier than mid-F. The apparent magnitudes and positions of these stars in the (V,B-V) diagram are consistent with IC 2391 having a distance of order 150 pc and an age of order tex2html_wrap_inline1257 yr. More recently, Stauffer et al. (1989) identified 10 late-type members with spectral types in the range tex2html_wrap_inline1259.

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