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1. Introduction

In their survey for dense cores in dark clouds, Benson & Myers (1989) included a table of opaque objects stated to be of unknown distance from the solar system. As a necessary precursor to the possible distance determination of six of these cores, the authors have undertaken this programme of BVRI photometry using a CCD detector to observe the usually faint stars located within (or thereabouts) the boundary of the visually evident core of the cloud. A further three objects (LDN 1113, LDN 549 and LDN 1225) were added to the above list of six at the time when the observations were made as they were also considered suitable candidates for possible distance determination.

Table 1 lists all the observed data fields in ascending order of right ascension. Columns (3) and (4) list right ascension and declination (2000 equinox) of the Lynds (LDN) or Barnard (B) clouds given in Col. (2). The field number for the purpose of identification within this paper is given in Col. (1).

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