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A&A Supplement Series, Vol. 126, November II 1997, 67-72

Received November 7, 1996; accepted February 11, 1997

Morphological classification and structural parameters of galaxies in the Coma and Perseus clusters

S. Andreontex2html_wrap1008, E. Davousttex2html_wrap1010, - P. Poulaintex2html_wrap1010

tex2html_wrap535 Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimont e, via Moiariello 16, 80131 Napoli, Italygif< /A>
tex2html_wrap535  CNRS-UMR 5572, Observa toire Midi-Pyrénées, 14, Av. E. Belin, 31400 Toulouse, France
e-mail: davoust,


We present the results of an isophotal shape analysis of galaxies in the Coma and Perseus clusters. These data, together with those of two previous papers, provide two complete samples of galaxies with reliable Hubble types in rich clusters:

1) all galaxies brighter than tex2html_wrap_inline988 falling within one degree (=2.3 Mpc) from the center of the Coma cluster (187 galaxies),

2) all galaxies brighter than tex2html_wrap_inline992 in a region of tex2html_wrap_inline994 around the center of the Perseus cluster (139 galaxies).

These two complete samples cover 5 orders of magnitude in galaxy density and span areas of 91 and 17 Mpc2, clustercentric radii up to 6.4 and 2.3 Mpc, for Perseus and Coma respectively. They will be used in subsequent papers to study the dependence of galaxy types on cluster environment and as reference samples in comparisons with distant clusters.

keywords: galaxies: clusters: individual: Coma (Abell
1656) -- individual: Perseus (Abell 426) -- Galaxies: elliptical and lenticular, cD -- galaxies: fundamental parameters

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