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B. Image processing software

c128 is an IRAF package for processing imaging data from either adaptive optics or speckle instruments preferably in the infrared since the photon noise contribution is not taken into account. The main strength of c128 is to handle cubes of images. It has been extensively used to produce the results shown in this document. c128 is a standard IRAF package with an online help and is available on anonymous-ftp from the internet-site in the iraf_hra directory. c128 is provided for the convenience of all users with no warranty of accuracy or usability.


This work has been funded by the Human Capital & Mobility programme for the European Union network on high resolution imaging. This network gathers various European institutes involved in high angular resolution techniques for astronomy. I thank J. Bouvier, C. Perrier and J. Christou, B. Ellerbroek for providing COP data and SOR Gen II data respectively. I thank E. Thiébaut and W. Brandner for providing the blind deconvolution algorithm BDEC and an IDL script respectively. The theoretical AO OTFs were generated by B. Ellerbroek to whom I am thankful. I thank B. Ellerbroek for critically reading the manuscript and for fruitful discussions. I thank C. Jenkins for carefully reading the manuscript and making useful comments. Special thanks to Brent Ellerbroek and the SOR team for the hospitality and support shown to me while an observer at the Starfire Optical Range. I wish to thank R. Foy and M. Redfern for their support.

Copyright by the European Southern Observatory (ESO)