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A&A Supplement Series, Vol. 125, October II, 1997, 329-335

Received September 23, 1996; accepted January 10, 1997

Radial velocities and spectrophotometric properties of southern binary galaxies gif

R.E. de Souza tex2html_wrap1010 - D.F. de Mello tex2html_wrap1012
S. dos Anjos tex2html_wrap1010

Send offprint request: R.E. de Souza
tex2html_wrap516  Astronomy Department, University of São Paulo, C.Postal 9638, SP 01065-970, Brazil
tex2html_wrap516  Observatório Nacional-DAN, C.Postal 23002, RJ 20921-400, Brazil
tex2html_wrap516  Visiting Astronomer, Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory


We present spectrophotometry of a sample of 26 Southern binary galaxies 17 pairs were confirmed to be physically associated with typical separation of tex2html_wrap_inline996. Pairs with velocity difference tex2html_wrap_inline998 are probably not physically bound. A comparison with field galaxies suggests that galaxies in pairs tend to have a younger population probably stimulated by tidal interaction. No correlation between the young population and projected separation was found.

keywords: galaxies: interactions -- galaxies: stellar content

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