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A&A Supplement Series, Vol. 125, October I, 65-70

Received October 29; accepted December 18, 1996

uvby photometry of the magnetic chemically peculiar stars HD 37776, HR 2258, HR 6958, and 108 Aquarii

S.J. Adelman

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Department of Physics, The Citadel, 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, SC 29409, U.S.A.


Differential Strömgren uvby photometric observations from the Four College Automated Photoelectric Telescope are presented for four magnetic chemically peculiar stars. Comparison with uvby photometry of Pedersen & Thomsen for HD 37776 yields an improved period of 1.538675 days. New periods of 15.0305 days and 18.065 days are found for the sharp-lined stars HR 2258 and HR 6958, respectively, rather than one of their aliases. For HR 6958 each color shows a slightly different time of maximum. Comparison of the four color photometry of 108 Aqr taken during the fall of 1995 which well covers the period shows the presence of a secondary minimum near primary maximum in u, v, and b. Comparison with published photometry indicates indicates that subtle changes in the shapes of the light curves have occurred suggesting that this star might be precessing.

keywords: stars: individual: HD 37766 -- stars: individual: HR 2258 -- stars: individual: HR 6958 -- stars: individual: 108 Aqr -- stars: chemically peculiar -- stars: variable

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