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A&A Supplement Ser., Vol. 124, August 1997, 353-357

Received May 29; accepted November 27, 1996

UBV absolute CCD photometry and differential astrometry of close visual double stars, with G-type primariesgiftex2html_wrap_inline790

T. Nakostex2html_wrap822 - D. Sinachopoulostex2html_wrap824 - E. van Desseltex2html_wrap826

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tex2html_wrap828  Royal Belgian Observatory, Ring Laan 3, B-1180 Ukkel, Brussels, Belgium
tex2html_wrap830  University of Thessaloniki, Department of Physics, Section of Astrophysics Astronomy and Mechanics, GR-54006 Thessaloniki, Greece


We present V magnitudes, (B-V) and (U-B) colours of close visual double star components, and their differences as well as separations and position angles of 40 visual double stars. The common properties of the members of this sample are the small angular separation tex2html_wrap_inline800, which is less than 7'', and the common spectral type of the primaries, which are of G-type. The observations made with the Bessel U, B and V filters, while the astrometry was performed in the V filter only. For the observations, the CCD camera attached to the Cassegrain focus of the 90 cm Dutch telescope, at La Silla, Chile, had been used. From the analysis of the data we concluded that from the sample of the fourty double stars observed seven proved to be physical pairs, while the rest must have common origin components.

keywords: binaries: visual -- catalog

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