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5. Conclusions

The open cluster NGC 2422 has been established as a relatively well-populated young cluster tex2html_wrap_inline1291 pc away, with a mean reddening E(b-y) of tex2html_wrap_inline1295 and an age of tex2html_wrap_inline1297 yrs. The majority of the stars measured proved to be early type stars although several stars belonging to the cluster were determined to be A and F stars; hence they are candidates to be monitored in order to determine which of them belongs to the Delta Scuti group. No binaries nor chemically peculiar stars were found and no traces of any blue stragglers were discovered. 36 member stars were fixed as belonging to the cluster.


We would like to thank the staff of the OAN and H. Noriega for their assistance at the observations, R. Peniche for assistance and fruitful discussions, C. Guzman for his computing advice and J. Miller for revising the English version. This work was partially supported by CONACyT grant 3925E. One of us, ER, thanks M. Martos for partial support through DGAPA grant No. IN109095. This was a class project at UNAM.

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