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1. Introduction

From 1985 to 1988, the 40 cm astrograph (tex2html_wrap_inline644) at Zô-Sè Section, Shanghai Observatory was used to observe the radio stars (Xu et al. 1990). The radio stars were selected by (1) the Working Group on the identification of the radio/optical astrometric sources of the IAU Commission 24 and (2) the Hipparcos Input List of the radio stars. The reference catalogues used were the AGK3 for the observations in the northern hemisphere and the SAOC for the observations in the southern hemisphere, respectively. Now these observational results have been reprocessed in the FK5 system.

Among these there are 31 radio stars found in the AGK3 and SAOC catalogues. The proper motions of these radio stars were obtained from a comparison between the positions observed and that of the AGK3, SAOC catalogues.

The results have also been compared with those given in the PPM and CAMC catalogues.

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