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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 122, April I 1997, 43-49

Received January 4; accepted June 26, 1996

Monitoring MWC560 tex2html_wrap_inline987 V 694 Monocerotis in 1990-1995

II. Plate spectragif

T. Tomov - D. Kolev

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National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen, P.O. Box 136, 4700 Smolyan, Bulgaria


We present the results of the photographic spectral observations of MWC560 carried out in the period 1990-1993. The evolution of the spectrum, the changes in the radial velocities of the different line systems, as well as the variations in the equivalent widths of the different Balmer absorption components, are given and briefly discussed. The suggestion that the hot component of MWC560 ejects high-velocity, highly-collimated jets along the line of sight, is in very good agreement with the observations. All the results, including the variations in the shapes, velocities and equivalent widths of the strong-shifted Balmer absorptions, confirm that compact companion in MWC560 ejects matter in two different regimes - discrete and quasi-stationary. It is supposed that the permanent presence of a relatively weak and small-shifted Balmer absorption component in the spectrum, indicates additional persistent, not spherically symmetric matter outflow.

keywords: accretion, accretion disks -- stars: activity -- stars: binaries: symbiotic -- stars: individual: MWC560 -- stars: mass-loss

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