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5. Summary

We have obtained NIR surface photometry of a subsample of 102 mainly late-type galaxies in the Virgo cluster complete to tex2html_wrap_inline2666. Magnitudes, diameters, concentration indices within the 21.5 and 22.0 mag arcsectex2html_wrap_inline2668  isophote and total H and K' magnitudes are derived.

The NIR light profiles cover a substantial fraction of the optical diameter and in most cases are consistent with pure disks. Substantial bulges, producing tex2html_wrap_inline2674, are found among the reddest and most early type objects.

The overall B and K' luminosity distributions are consistent with tex2html_wrap_inline2680, but there is a trend, more closely linked to galaxian mass than to morphology, for the galaxies to become bluer with progressively fainter K' magnitudes.


We wish to thank B. Binggeli, R. Lenzen, J. Lequeux, H. Völk and C. Xu for their encouragement and advice throughout the conception and realisation of this work. We thank the MAGIC team at MPI für Astronomie for their skillful operational support and for several helpful discussions about data reduction. We thank the referee, R. Peletier, for valuable comments which helped improving the manuscript. A.B. is supported through the Verbundforschung Astronomie/Astrophysik of DARA under grant # 50-OR-95018.

Copyright by the European Southern Observatory (ESO)