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A& A Supplement series, Vol. 121, January 1997, 1 - 9

Received November 7; accepted April 9, 1996

A ring-like zone of strong radial gas motions in the disk of NGC 6181

O.K. Sil'chenko tex2html_wrap1375 - A.V. Zasov tex2html_wrap1377 - A.N. Burenkov tex2html_wrap1379 - J. Boulesteix tex2html_wrap1381

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tex2html_wrap1383  Sternberg Astronomical Institute, University av. 13, Moscow 119899, Russia
tex2html_wrap1385  Special Astrophysical Observatory, Nizhnij Arkhyz, Karachaj-Cherkess Republic, 357147 Russia
tex2html_wrap1387  Observatoire de Marseille, 2 Place Le Verrier, F-13248 Marseille Cedex 04, France


The Sc galaxy NGC 6181 was observed at the 6m telescope of SAO RAS with the scanning Perot-Fabry interferometer in the Htex2html_wrap_inline1361 emission line and at the 1m telescope of SAO RAS in BVRI broadband filters with CCD. Subtraction of the mean circular rotation curve from the two-dimensional velocity field has revealed a ring-like zone with a diameter about of 2 kpc where strong radial gas motions are present. The form of the ring is almost perfectly circular in the plane of the galaxy. It is located closer to the center than the beginning of the well-defined spiral structure, but outside of the central bulge-dominated region. The detected radial velocity reduced to the plane of the galaxy is about tex2html_wrap_inline1365 and probably is azimuthally dependent. The very inner region of the galaxy, tex2html_wrap_inline1367 or 0.5 kpc, shows a turn of the dynamical major axis by about tex2html_wrap_inline1369. Central continuum isophotes are also twisted which suggests the presence of small nuclear bar.

keywords: galaxies: spirals, kinematics -- scanning Perot-Fabry interferometry

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