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A& A Supplement series, Vol. 121, January 1997, 59 - 63

Received December 14, 1994; accepted May 15 1996

The Miyun 232 MHz survey.

II. The main list

X. Zhang, Y. Zheng, H. Chen, S. Wang, A. Cao, B. Peng and R. Nan

Send offprint request: Xizhen Zhang
Beijing Astronomical Observatory, CASgif, Beijing 100080, China


A meter-wave survey of the sky region north of declination tex2html_wrap_inline1055 has been carried out with the Miyun Synthesis Radio Telescope (MSRT), Beijing Astronomical Observatory, at 232 MHz. A catalog of 34426 radio sources is given in Table 2gif. The instrument and the data reduction procedure are described, and the experimental errors are discussed.

keywords: surveys -- catalogs radio continum: general

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