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6. Analysis of the observations

We have calculated the root-mean-square residuals of the observations in the form of inter-satellite tex2html_wrap_inline1257 and tex2html_wrap_inline1259 measures. The orbital models are those of Harper & Taylor (1993, 1994). In Table 10 we present the statistics for Tethys, Dione, Rhea and Titan. The rejection level was tex2html_wrap_inline1261 and this table is directly comparable with Table 3b in Harper & Taylor (1994). For comparison, we give the same statistics for the top five datasets listed in that paper.

Table 10: Statistics of observed-minus-computed residuals for observations of Tethys, Dione, Rhea and Titan. Type code ``C 1'' denotes tex2html_wrap_inline1263 and tex2html_wrap_inline1265 measures from CCD images. tex2html_wrap_inline1267 is the number of observations included in the solution. tex2html_wrap_inline1269 is the total number of observations in the dataset. tex2html_wrap_inline1271 is the mean residual and tex2html_wrap_inline1273 is the standard deviation about the mean. See Strugnell & Taylor (1990)

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