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4. Conclusions

Using a simple slection criteria we selected 33 unidentified IRAS sources. We carried out a search for the optical counterparts of the selected sources using the POSS, ESO, and SERC sky survey prints. Out of the 33 sources we found optical counterparts for 30 sources which are stellar in appearance. We made CCD BVRI photometric observations of the optical counterparts. Analysis of the IRAS and BVRI colours suggests that 15 sources are most likely post-AGB stars.


We thank the observers Messrs. Muniyandi, Kuppuswamy and Dinakaran, at the 1.02-m telescope at VBO, Kavalur for kindly assisting us in these observations. We thank Prof. Ramsagar for kindly introducing us to the nuances of the ``DAOPHOT'' package for photometry. One of us (KVKI) thank the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Government of India, for the award of an Emeritus Scientist Research Scheme which enabled these observations. KVKI also thanks the Smithsonion Institution for short - term visitor appointment to work at the Harward - Smithsonian center for Astrophysics, U.S.A. We thank Dr. T. Forveille for helpful comments.

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