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ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS Supplement Series, Volume 136, May I 1999


A search for spectroscopic binaries among Herbig Ae/Be stars. A search for HAeBe spectroscopic binaries
P. Corporon and A.-M. Lagrange

CCD observations of Nereid and a new orbital determination
C.H. Veiga, R. Vieira Martins and Cl. Le Guyader

An abundance analysis of the single-lined spectroscopic binaries with barium stars-like orbital elements. II. The spectroscopic data
L. Začs, O. Alksnis, F.A. Musaev, I.F. Bikmaev and G.A. Galazutdinov

Photometric monitoring of three BL Lacertae objects in 1993-1998
J.M. Bai, G.Z. Xie, K.H. Li, X. Zhang and W.W. Liu

Deep multicolor CCD photometry of the globular cluster NGC 6723
G. Alcaíno, W. Liller, F. Alvarado, A. Mironov, A. Ipatov, A. Piskunov, N. Samus and O. Smirnov

Star formation in the Vela Molecular Clouds. III. Near IR images and mm photometry of D-cloud IRAS sources
F. Massi, T. Giannini, D. Lorenzetti, R. Liseau, A. Moneti and P. Andreani

Construction of the Tycho Reference Catalogue
A. Kuzmin, E. Høg, U. Bastian, C. Fabricius, K. Kuimov, L. Lindegren, V.V. Makarov and S. Röser

Stellar kinematic data for the central region of spiral galaxies. II.
Ph. Héraudeau, F. Simien, G. Maubon and Ph. Prugniel

Multi-period pulsation and amplitude variation behavior in tex2html_wrap_inline577 Scuti variable DQ Cephei
Z.P. Li and M.J. Fang

Central Mg2 indices for early-type galaxies
V. Golev, Ph. Prugniel, F. Simien and M. Longhetti

CCD astrometry and instrumental tex2html_wrap_inline581 photometry of visual double stars. V. Differential measurements of pairs with angular separations 1tex2html_wrap_inline583 to 4tex2html_wrap_inline583
D. Sinachopoulos, A. Dapergolas, E. van Dessel, and E. Kontizas

Observations of radio stars at the Valinhos CCD Meridian Circle
P.A.A. Lopes, A.H. Andrei, S.P. Puliaev, J.L. Penna, R. Teixeira, P. Benevides-Soares, M. Assafin, J.F. Le Campion and Y. Réquième

HI-rich dwarf galaxies in the Hydra I cluster. I. Photometric and HI data
P.-A. Duc, P. Papaderos, C. Balkowski, V. Cayatte, T.X. Thuan and W. van Driel

Pulsars identified from the NRAO VLA Sky Survey
J.L. Han and W.W. Tian

Instruments and observational techniques

Astronomical image compression
M. Louys, J.L. Starck, S. Mei, F. Bonnarel and F. Murtagh

Data processing

Random-error minimization during cross-correlation of early-type spectra
W. Verschueren and M. David

Some Synthesis Telescope imaging algorithms to remove nonisoplanatic and other nasty artifacts. Wide-field imaging algorithms
A.G. Willis

The age of astronomy-related organizations

A. Heck

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