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ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS Supplement Series, Volume 130, June I 1998


Far-infrared emission from Shakhbazian compact galaxy groups
H.M. Tovmassian, J.M. Mazzarella, G.H. Tovmassian, D. Stoll and H. Tiersch

Effective temperatures of Ap stars
N.A. Sokolov

Multiplicity among peculiar A stars. I. The Ap stars HD 8441 and HD 137909, and the Am stars HD 43478 and HD 96391
P. North, J.-M. Carquillat, N. Ginestet, F. Carrier and S. Udry

The WATCH solar X-ray burst catalogue
N. Crosby, N. Lund, N. Vilmer and R. Sunyaev

Millimetric Lunar Laser Ranging at OCA (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur)
E. Samain, J.F. Mangin, C. Veillet, J.M. Torre, P. Fridelance, J.E. Chabaudie, D. Féraudy, M. Glentzlin, J. Pham Van, M. Furia, A. Journet and G. Vigouroux

Four-colour photometry of eclipsing binaries. XXXIX. Light curves of the pre-main sequence triple system TY Coronae Australis
L.P.R. Vaz, J. Andersen, B.W. Casey, J.V. Clausen, R.D. Mathieu and I. Heyer

Star formation history of early-type galaxies in low density environments. I. Nuclear line-strength indices
M. Longhetti, R. Rampazzo, A. Bressan and C. Chiosi

Star formation history of early-type galaxies in low density environments. II. Kinematics
M. Longhetti, R. Rampazzo, A. Bressan and C. Chiosi

Starbursts in barred spiral galaxies. III. Definition of a homogeneous sample of starburst nucleus galaxies
T. Contini, S. Considère and E. Davoust

CCD astrometry and UBV photometry of visual binaries. II. Visual double stars with mainly G - type primaries and relatively small angular separation
D. Sinachopoulos and E. van Dessel

BVR photometry of comparison stars in selected blazar fields. I. Photometric sequences for 10 BL Lacertae objects
M. Villata, C.M. Raiteri, L. Lanteri, G. Sobrito and M. Cavallone

New times of minima and ephemeris for several OB eclipsing binaries
P. Mayer, P.G. Niarchos, R. Lorenz, M. Wolf and G. Christie

Solar diameter observations with the Astrolabe at Observatório Nacional - Rio de Janeiro
E.G. Jilinski, S.P. Puliaev, J.L. Penna, A.H. Andrei, V. Sinceac, F. Chollet and C. Delmas

The ESO Slice Project (ESP) galaxy redshift survey. III. The sample
G. Vettolani, E. Zucca, R. Merighi, M. Mignoli, D. Proust, G. Zamorani, A. Cappi, L. Guzzo, D. Maccagni, M. Ramella, G.M. Stirpe, A. Blanchard, V. Cayatte, C. Collins, H. MacGillivray, S. Maurogordato, R. Scaramella, C. Balkowski, G. Chincarini and P. Felenbok

Kinematics of the local universe. VII. New 21-cm line measurements of 2112 galaxies
G. Theureau, L. Bottinelli, N. Coudreau-Durand, L. Gouguenheim, N. Hallet, M. Loulergue, G. Paturel and P. Teerikorpi

Loose groups of galaxies in the Perseus-Pisces survey
R. Trasarti-Battistoni

Faint photometric tex2html_wrap_inline586 CCD sequences. The North galactic pole (tex2html_wrap_inline588) and the anticenter (tex2html_wrap_inline590, tex2html_wrap_inline592)
A.  Spagna, M.G. Lattanzi, B.J. Mtex2html_wrap_inline594Lean, G. Massone and B.M. Lasker

Instruments and observational techniques

A proposed new design for a large radio telescope
T.H. Legg

FOCES - a fibre optics Cassegrain échelle spectrograph
M.J. Pfeiffer, C. Frank, D. Baumüller, K. Fuhrmann and T. Gehren

The DELTA photon counting camera concept
S. Morel and L. Koechlin

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